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There is so much more to identifying your style.

Color Analysis Session
A customized color palette based on color shades and intensities that accentuate your skin, hair, and eyes.

Color Analysis with a Makeup Makeover Session
Included: Color analysis with makeover makeover using your true colors & hair color recommendations.

Body Shape Analysis
Discover the styles that fit and flatter your body, personality and lifestyle.
Style begins with understanding who you are – inside and out using the Five Primary Fashion Factors: Body line and Design, Facial features, Personality, Lifestyle and Energy level. Style by Priscilla helps define your signature look by showcasing your uniqueness and bringing together all that you are.

Personal Shopping
Love what you wear and wear what you love!
Fine tune your wardrobe and your style. Style by Priscilla’s shopping adventure will help you create a fun and flexible wardrobe that highlights your best features and minimizes those that you are not as excited about. You’ll feel confident about a wardrobe that is fabulous, functional, and reflects your personal style.

Style by Priscilla can buy a person an outfit and dress them for a day, or she can teach a person to shop and dress them for a lifetime.

*Note: Average client wardrobe budget ranges from $200 to $2500. Her goal is to work with what you have in your closet and shop within your range.

The Glam Package
Your personal styling glam experience!
Schedule a Style consultation and plan your outfits according to your body shape and colors. Once we decide on style goals & needs, a personal Lookbook will be created and then your outfits will be shopped for & delivered.
Color Analysis with a Makeup Makeover Session
Body Shape Analysis

The Glam Package with a Closet Makeover
Need a closet organizing process on top of styling.
What if you knew everything in your closet looked fabulous on you? You could find what you need to wear and feel confident the minute you step out the door. Priscilla will get you there by showing you how to minimize, organize, and accessorize your way to wardrobe freedom!

Closet – Wardrobing Results:
Know what to keep, toss, give away, and buy
Discover your closet’s hidden treasures
Achieve a wardrobe capsule
Plan the perfect wardrobe for trips and special events
Keep your closet clutter-free
Upscale and repurpose what you own
Take the guesswork out of morning “dresswork”

Start dressing to express your distinctive style today with Style by Priscilla!