IPL Photo Facial
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A IPL Photo Facial has many benefits. Style & Beauty by Priscilla is proud to offer the Lumenis M22. When it comes to top notch advance technology our laser device helps to minimize age spots, freckles, sun damaged skin, acne prone skin, rosacea, vascular skin conditions, & much more!



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IPL Photo Facial is a painless and simple treatment that brings a glow to your skin like no other. Style & Beauty by Priscilla offers IPL Photo Facial treatments with the industry-leading Lumenis M22 device. The Lumenis M22 is trusted by doctors everywhere to provide world-class IPL Photo Facial treatments, helping patients with age spots, sun damaged skins, rosacea, freckles, vascular skin conditions, acne, and other skin conditions. Visit Style & Beauty by Priscilla today for your IPL Photo Facial experience.

What is Intense Pulsed Light or IPL Photo Facial Therapy?

Intense Pulsed Light therapy, also known as photofacial, improves the texture and tone of the patient’s skin without the use of invasive surgical techniques. This light therapy is used for both therapeutic and aesthetic purposes, and the main difference between laser treatment and IPL therapy is that while a laser focuses on a single wavelength of light, IPL releases a variety of wavelengths, similar to a photo flash.

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Style & Beauty by Priscilla is the premier spot for IPL Photo Facial Therapy and many other Med Spa treatments in Dripping Springs, TX.  

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