We’ve all heard someone say something like, “Red just isn’t my color,” or “Yellow really washes me out,” but have you ever wondered how they determined which colors really look best on them? Is it just a personal opinion, or has a color analysis consultant helped them arrive at this conclusion? Getting professional guidance about the color choices in your wardrobe is just as important as getting professional hair or cosmetics advice, and if you haven’t yet requested a color analysis consultation, you could be limiting the color palette in your wardrobe unnecessarily. But what is color analysis, and why is it so important? I’m glad you asked!

What Is Color Analysis?

Also known as skin tone color matching, color analysis is the process in which you determine which colors are most flattering. There are many different methods that can be used to complete the analysis, and they can help you find the best shade of clothing and cosmetics based on the color of your hair and eyes, as well as your skin tone. It is not a perfect or exact science, and if you are someone who loves your neutral color palette, don’t worry — you can always choose to incorporate small bits of color if that makes you more comfortable.

Why Is It Important?

Aside from ensuring that you look your best, color analysis is important because it provides you with a solid framework of knowledge and empowers you to make the best clothing selections. By examining whether or not you have cool or warm undertones to your hair, skin, and eyes, a color analysis consultant can help determine which color value (deep or light) looks best on you, and which chroma (pure shade or muted tones) suits you best. This is key information that can make choosing your capsule wardrobe easier than you thought possible. Rather than haphazardly selecting garments that you think will look good on you, you suddenly have clear, defined color choices that you know will look spectacular on you and easily work with your other selections. This can save you time and money, and make shopping for clothes less stressful.

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As a leading color analysis consultant in Austin, I can help you learn how to easily recognize which colors look best on you and give you the courage to step outside of the box by experimenting with colors you might not choose for yourself. Contact me today to learn more about how you can benefit from working with a color analysis consultant — I can’t wait to help you!

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