Are you struggling to discover your own unique personal style? Because of my passion for fashion and design, I believe that everyone deserves to have access to incredible clothes at affordable prices — regardless of your gender or body type. Your body shape should never limit what you want to wear. On the contrary, your clothes should always reflect who you are while highlighting and enhancing your best features. Fashion is the one personal choice that, in the same moment, connects us while setting us apart.

The 5 Basic Body Types:


The Rectangle body type features a narrow frame throughout the body and shows little difference between the width of the shoulders/bust, waist, and hips/thighs.

You might be a Rectangle if…

  • Sheath dresses and pencil skirts are always baggy in the bust and hips
  • Draped styles seem to hang off of you
  • Blazers and jackets are often too big for your shoulders

Inverted Triangle

The Inverted Triangle body type is widest at the shoulders, with the waist and hips tapering inward.

You might be an Inverted Triangle if…

  • Blazers and jackets often pinch or pull in the shoulders/arms/chest
  • Tailored tops never fit in the waist
  • Pull-on shirts or dresses get stuck on your shoulders
  • You often feel “top-heavy” or ungrounded


The Pear body type is widest at the hips or thighs, with a relatively narrower waist and bust.

You might be a Pear if…

  • Jeans/pants that fit your legs often gap at the waist
  • You wear a smaller size on top than on bottom
  • Pull-on dresses fit easily over your top but get stuck at your hips
  • Tee shirts and tailored shirts pull or pop open at the hips


The Circle body type is widest at the waist, with a narrower shoulder and hip. The Square is wide throughout the body from shoulder to waist to hip. This shape is also sometimes call the Apple shape.

You might be a Circle if…

  • Belts and tucked-in looks never seem to work for you
  • Low-rise skirts and jeans seem to slide off throughout the day
  • You gravitate toward items that highlight your chest and legs


The Hourglass body type is narrowest at the waist, with little difference between the width of the shoulders and hips.

You might be an Hourglass if…

  • You get stuck in both ends of a pull-on dress!
  • You wear the same size on top and bottom, but you always have to alter clothes to fit your waist
  • Loose, relaxed tops make you feel bulky and heavy
  • Girlfriends assume that you can “wear anything” and have little sympathy in the fitting room

I am always seeking out clothing, makeup, and accessories that do just that. Discover iconic fashion finds and new funky favorites here. As your Austin stylist, I am eager to help you enjoy the limitless possibilities of design.