Priscilla has such great style and a heart warming personality that will leave you a happy client all the time! Listens really well to your needs!

Randa AlSarabi

Priscilla is AMAZING!! Convenience and quality! First rate all the way. I'm recommending her to all of my friends, but a little reluctant because I don't want her to make them look better than me ;) This girl is good and doesn't mark her clothes up to make a profit. Tries to find you best deals when she is shopping for you. Give her a chance, she will impress.

Chris Clifton

Remember in the 70's trying to find your best colors with the "Color Me Beautiful" book, a mirror and a selection of scarves to drape around your face? That system has come into the computer age and Priscilla is now offering the service. I went specifically looking for a color consultant and luckily found her. Meticulous about the accurate application of the new system as well as a truly nice person, she was a find! On top of that, her pricing is a fraction of what I anticipated. She sees herself as comparable to a personal trainer and prices similarly. I'm definitely sticking with her.

Elizabeth Y.

Nothing like personalized professional styling for your body and lifestyle! Love Priscilla!

Sandra Dee Robinson